Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to Finding Frederick

I recently moved back to Frederick, after living in Montgomery County, MD, closer to my work. While I made some great friends there, I very much disliked the crowding and the city feel. So when the opportunity presented itself, my husband and I returned to Frederick - and never looked back.

I've lived all over the country: San Diego, Rochester (NY). But I've spent most of my life in MD, from Damascus for a couple years, to Mount Airy, where I lived most of my life. I went to Hood College, and lived around Frederick for many years as well.

Frederick is a place I would consider raising my children. I would never have wanted to do that in Montgomery County, a cut-throat, over-crowded locale.

Sure, Frederick has its ups and downs - but so does anywhere else. There are lots of wonderful people and places in Frederick, and that's what this blog will highlight.

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And let's celebrate this wonderful place we call home!

Welcome! :)

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